Roslindale Wants to Play

Roslindale Wants to Play was formed in 2013 by parents concerned about our children’s few opportunities for active play within our neighborhood. Since publishing our original report detailing the state of Roslindale’s playgrounds, we have developed a multi-pronged approach to bringing more play to Roslindale that involves advocacy, infrastructure development and events. Check out our vision for an idea of how we think Roslindale’s play opportunities can improve; read our blog and join our Facebook group to stay connected to what we’re doing.

Playground Advocacy

We have successfully worked with Boston Parks and Recreation to improve our existing playgrounds.

Fallon Field

Fallon Field

Fallon Field is undergoing a renovation during the spring and summer of 2016, transforming a fairly conventional “posts and platforms” playground into a modern, two-tiered play space and dramatically increasing its footprint. The signature elements at this park will be a tall climbing net topped with one of the longest slides in the area and a brand new spray deck.

Healy Field

Healy Field

Healy Field will undergo a renovation of its own soon after the completion of the playground at Fallon Field. It will be upgraded from its current substandard state to include an obstacle course, a large spinner, and a stream that winds its way through the play area. This design also incorporates natural elements around the playground’s border and a music-themed area at the center.

Development of New Play Infrastructure

While the playground renovations at Fallon and Healy Fields are a welcome improvement, we are also working to bring new play opportunities to Roslindale by increasing the neighborhood’s play infrastructure. Some examples of projects we have undertaken to this end include:

Planning and Hosting Community Play Events

We like to have fun ourselves, so we also work within the community to plan and host fun community events: