Fallon Field Design Alternatives

On February 4, representatives from the Parks Department and Weston & Sampson met with the community to discuss design alternatives for the upcoming renovation to the Fallon Field Playground. There were three design alternatives presented, with the expectation that the design will be finalized using concepts from one or more of the alternatives. Read on for our description of the concepts. You can also view the original presentation or the feedback collected at the meeting. To provide additional feedback, please contact Cathy Baker-Eclipse at cathy.baker-eclipse@cityofboston.gov.

Concept A

Concept A

(Click on the image to see a full sized version)

This first concept incorporates both a spray feature and a sand play area in a two-tiered playground. In this concept, the spray feature will be on the upper level, with the sand area, two climbing structures, and rope swings on the lower level. The incline between the two tiers will feature multiple play elements, including a slide, stadium seating with an integrated water rill, climbing hand holds, a wide slide, and a walkway. This design also includes a shaded picnic area adjacent to the upper tier of the playground, with a concrete ping pong table provided to provide play opportunities for older children and adults.

The structures chosen for this playground were largely inspired by a playground in Brooklyn. Of particular note is the “pyramid slide,” which is seen as a potential signature feature for Fallon Field. Images from that playground provide some idea of the types of structures being considered.

Concept A Inspiration Overhead Concept A Inspiration
Orbit Climber Rope Swings Young Kids Climber

Concept B

Concept BConcept B dramatically increases the footprint of the playground, extending out almost to South Street along the hill just beyond the existing playground’s fence. This concept features two different slopes, with younger children’s play and amenities for parents largely on the top tier and older children’s play at the lowest tier. This concept also includes both a spray feature and a sand play area.

In this concept, the playground will have a gate near the northwestern entrance to the park leading to a “bench maze”, which will provide a resting area with a playful feel and easy access to the sand play area. A slope leads down to a “ropes and rocks” play area, and another slope leads down to swing sets and a climbing structure. The two slopes will feature an embankment slide and a zipline, as well. The following images show some of the inspirations for this design.

Concept B Inspiration Embankment Slide Rocks and Ropes Maze Bench Concept B Climber

Concept C

Concept C

The third concept is both a dramatic departure from the existing playground and the only concept that preserves an existing playground structure (the large climbing structure on the west side of the playground). This concept moves the swings to where the existing younger children’s structure is, and includes more natural play elements into the rest of the play area.

In this concept, the spray area features a deck and uses boulders to create a natural feel. It also uses the playground’s topography to provide interesting play experiences that include balance beams, top ropes, a climbing wall, and a “wave slope.” The texture walk provides a beautiful and interesting walkway for children to explore. There is also an embankment slide that takes advantage of Fallon Field’s location on a hill. An area to the southeast is devoted to a picnic area and adult exercise equipment, with gateway steps leading out to the slope leading down to the baseball field. The following images show some of the inspirations for this design:

Boulder Spray Climbing Wall Balance Beams Texture Walk Wave Slope

3 thoughts on “Fallon Field Design Alternatives

  1. Ben Parad says:

    Overall, I like Concept A the best so I would use it as the starting point. Namely, I like the big splash pad with the shaded picnic tables right next to it and the flow from the upper area to the lower area that includes several play elements that should be on an incline. I also love the ping-pong table, the rope swings, and the play houses as individual elements that most playgrounds don’t have. My kids love rope swings and play houses, and I would personally help stock the ping-pong table.

    There are two aspects of Concept C that I would love to see incorporated into Concept A because they make use of the existing shape of Fallon Field. The embankment slide uses the hill and seems to fit better than the pyramid slide, and the gateway steps would help connect the playground to the rest of the park. In the existing arrangement, the playground is totally disconnected from the rest of the park.

    Finally, there are two important details that I don’t see in the designs that I assume would be included in the final plans: a water fountain and a bike rack.

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