About Us

Roslindale Wants to Play is an all-volunteer group with an extensive staff of zero.

We are…

Chris Kollett

chrisChris is a co-founder of Roslindale Wants to Play and a member of the Roslindale Village Main Street board of directors. He believes that cities work best when their public spaces are used to engage the community, and he devotes much of his spare time to bringing Roslindale’s families together in playful ways. Raising two daughters with very different interests provides him with a constant reminder that play is not a one-size-fits-all activity. Chris has a background in mathematics and computer science and currently works as a software engineer at MathWorks.

Adam Rogoff

Adam is a co-founder of Roslindale Wants to Play and is on the steering committee of WalkUp Roslindale.  He is eager to make Roslindale a lab for innovative and community-affirming use of public space. Between his play and civic-oriented projects, which include the redevelopment of Roslindale’s Substation,  he squeezes in a practice as an environmental and real estate attorney.  Adam hopes to bring to his children, seven year old Arlo and four year old Esme, exposure to the kind of free exploration of outdoors and DIY play he experienced as a child.


Our attempts at creativity would not be possible without the expertise and many volunteer hours of:

Cora Carey

coraCora has worked at Boston Children’s Museum since 2009. She is an educator, a sailor, a crafter, a mother, and a proud Roslindale resident. When she was eight years old, her life dream was to build an amphibious mobile museum bus-boat and drive it around the world educating people along the way about monarchs, moon phases, and minke whales. Not much has changed since that time.

Lawrence Cohen

headshot3Lawrence J. Cohen, PhD is a licensed psychologist. He is the author of Playful Parenting and The Opposite of Worry. He is also the co-author of The Art of Roughhousing, as well as two books about children’s friendships.  He has presented workshops on play to parents, schools, and families around the world.

Dave Hamilton

Dave “works” at Explo, an educational non-profit that believes in sparking creative and intellectual courage and daring. “Works” is in quotes because it’s tough to call it work when you spend your days designing and building ride-on hovercrafts, mousetrap-powered ferris wheels, and any number of other projects whose sole purpose is to teach kids by wrapping that teaching in several layers of fun. A ten-year resident of Roslindale, Dave spends his “not work” time marveling at his two daughters’ creations and eating Oreo ice cream with them at Jimmy’s.