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I am writing to express my strong support for immediately budgeting for the improvement of the Healy and Fallon playgrounds and for establishing new, innovative and high quality playgrounds in Roslindale.

It is plainly obvious that Roslindale has received few playground resources over the past decade, if not more, as documented in the Roslindale Playground Summary. Briefly:

  • Roslindale has the fewest number of playgrounds per neighborhood – essentially only two — and the fewest number of playgrounds per child in the city by a substantial margin;
  • Roslindale is facing its tenth consecutive city budget, if not more, which does not include a single capital project for Roslindale playgrounds.  Roslindale is the only neighborhood not to have playground capital project in the past decade; and
  • Roslindale – along with Fenway/Kenmore – is the only neighborhood not to have a water feature/spray deck in the city.

Roslindale is a dynamic neighborhood with a growing population of children under the age of 14.  To help address this increasing demand on the already limited playground resources, the city should immediately invest the money to:

  • Provide Roslindale with a water feature at one or more of its playgrounds;
  • Make Roslindale’s few existing playgrounds a flagship for innovative, fun and engaging public spaces for children and their families by upgrading Fallon and Healy playgrounds with high quality play structures, such as those built by Berliner, and/or including innovative play sculpture structures such as those seen in Cambridge and other communities;
  • Identify sites in Roslindale that would be suitable for the construction of new playgrounds (including lands potentially eligible for taking by eminent domain or long-term lease arrangements) and develop them in the near future;
  • Work with BPS to improve school play structures and areas; and,
  • Immediately develop temporary playground parklets throughout Roslindale until more permanent playgrounds are put into place.

Thank you,



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