Roslindale Playground Facts and Figures

Note: This report reflects the state of Roslindale’s playgrounds at the beginning of our advocacy in 2013-2014. For more recent updates please see our blog and read our vision.

Roslindale has very few playgrounds

For all practical purposes, Roslindale has just two playgrounds to serve over 6,000 children aged 14 and under.  This is the lowest ratio of playgrounds to children of any Boston neighborhood. Roslindale’s open space plan for 2008-2014 repeatedly references this shortage. chart_play_features Playground and population data is from the 2008-2014 Open Space Plan. Water feature data is from the Boston and DCR web sites.

Roslindale’s playgrounds receive very few upgrades

Roslindale is currently facing at least our tenth consecutive city budget which does not include a single capital project for Roslindale playgrounds. While the open space plan lists projects at Fallon and Healy Fields in the period from 2001-2006, there has not been a single renovation project for any playground in Roslindale listed in the city budget from FY06 through FY14. The FY15 budget lists a $590,000 renovation for the playground at Fallon Field, but it is not funded until FY16 at the earliest. Even the projects from the 2001-2006 timeframe are listed at under $200,000 each, a modest amount compared to many playground renovations. chart_budgets chart_project_count

Roslindale’s playgrounds do not include spray decks

The Parks Department maintains spray decks in nearly every neighborhood in Boston. DCR also provides spray decks in many neighborhoods. Only Roslindale (with more than 6,000 children) and Fenway/Kenmore (with about 1,000 children) are not served by water features in any of their parks. The FY06-FY10 city budgets included a $225,000 project aimed at bringing water features to Hyde Park, Roslindale, and West Roxbury. After receiving $145,000 in funding, this project was dropped from the budget. Roslindale is still left without any water feature.

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