How the City can Help

Note: This report reflects the state of Roslindale’s playgrounds at the beginning of our advocacy in 2013-2014. For more recent updates please see our blog and read our vision.

We are asking that the city improve playgrounds in Roslindale in both the short- and long-term. Suggestions for improvements include the following actions:

  • Provide Roslindale with a water feature at one or more of its playgrounds.
  • Upgrade Roslindale’s existing playgrounds with high quality play structures, such as those built by Berliner, and make Roslindale’s few playgrounds a flagship for innovative, fun and engaging public spaces for children and their families.
  • Identify sites in Roslindale that would be suitable for the construction of new playgrounds (including lands potentially eligible for taking by eminent domain or long-term lease arrangements) and develop them in the near future.
  • Work with BPS to improve school play structures and areas.
  • Immediately develop temporary playground parklets throughout Roslindale until more permanent playgrounds are put into place.