Mapping Roslindale’s Playground Shortage

Note: This report reflects the state of Roslindale’s playgrounds at the beginning of our advocacy in 2013-2014. For more recent updates please see our blog and read our vision.

Roslindale’s Large Play Deserts

This map shows radiuses of ¼ and ½ mile around the four playgrounds listed in Roslindale’s 2008-2014 Open Space Plan. Parks with spray decks are shown in blue.


Most of the neighborhood south of Roslindale Square has no meaningful access to a playground. South of the square, even the areas within the ½ mile radius of Healy or Fallon Field are separated from those playgrounds by Cummins Highway or Washington Street, two of the busiest roads in Roslindale. Note that the Poplar Street Play Area, specifically mentioned in the Open Space Plan as suitable for playground development, is located within the play desert south of Roslindale Square.

Near Weider Park and McGann Park, the Roslindale/Hyde Park border roughly follows Poplar Street. That is, these playgrounds, though shown on this map, serve Hyde Park almost exclusively.

Playgrounds in Jamaica Plain/Mission Hill

An example of playspace density in a nearby neighborhood.


Playgrounds City-Wide

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