FY16 Budget Recommendations

Today the Mayor’s office released its FY16 recommended budget. As the first budget primarily developed under Mayor Walsh as well as the first budget since Chris Cook was named Parks Commissioner, this recommendation provides us a unique glimpse into the city’s plans for the future of its park system. Most important to our efforts are the updated capital plan, which covers the five year span from 2016 to 2020, and the Parks Department’s capital budget. Here’s what is planned for Roslindale’s playgrounds, as well as a little bit of insight into how the Parks Department will operate over the next five years. Continue reading

Our Thoughts on the Fallon Field Design Proposal

The proposed design for Fallon Field’s playground is clearly a step forward from the existing playground. Its use of an embankment to add play value and the water feature’s thoughtful design will be welcome additions to the neighborhood. It is also clear that the designers have incorporated community feedback into the design, and are mindful of both our need for better play options and the (primarily budgetary) constraints under which they are working.

With that said, this playground renovation – along with the upcoming renovation to Healy Field – is an opportunity to improve the neighborhood that we likely won’t see again for as many as 15 years.  Continue reading

Fallon Field Preferred Design

preferred_designAt a community meeting held on March 3rd, the Parks Department and Weston & Sampson presented their current preferred design for the upcoming renovation to the Fallon Field playground. This design was based on community feedback from the design alternatives presented in February, the design team’s professional opinions and experience, and budget considerations. Please note that this is not the final design for the playground; it is the currently preferred design, and it can still be changed based on community feedback or other factors. As always, you can (and should!) send additional feedback to Cathy Baker-Eclipse at cathy.baker-eclipse@cityofboston.gov. You can also view the meeting presentation and read the feedback captured by the parks departmentContinue reading

Fallon Field Design Alternatives

On February 4, representatives from the Parks Department and Weston & Sampson met with the community to discuss design alternatives for the upcoming renovation to the Fallon Field Playground. There were three design alternatives presented, with the expectation that the design will be finalized using concepts from one or more of the alternatives. Read on for our description of the concepts. You can also view the original presentation or the feedback collected at the meeting. To provide additional feedback, please contact Cathy Baker-Eclipse at cathy.baker-eclipse@cityofboston.gov. Continue reading