Healy Field Design Update

It has been a while since we have posted an update on the design for the upcoming playground renovation at Healy Field. This isn’t entirely unexpected: while the third community meeting was held just over a year ago, we were aware all along that construction would not begin until the renovations at Fallon Field were complete, to ensure that the neighborhood would not lose access to both of its playgrounds simultaneously. Over the course of the last year we have occasionally checked in with Boston Parks and Recreation to make sure that construction is still expected to begin in early spring. While were aware that there would likely be some changes to the plans, we were unsure of how extensive they would be, or whether they would necessitate a fourth community meeting. Continue reading

Third Public Meeting: Healy Field Renovation

birdseyeRepresentatives from Copley Wolff Design Group and the Boston Parks Department recently came to the Archdale Community Center for a third meeting to discuss the upcoming renovations to the playground at Healy Field. While the previous meeting was largely focused on possible solutions for expanding the playground’s footprint, the designers opened this meeting with an acknowledgment that those options were prohibitively expensive, and that they had instead turned their focus towards maximizing the play value of the existing site. While it is disappointing that we will be unable to expand the site, it is hardly a surprise. As the latest design proposal shows, there is still a tremendous opportunity to improve the playground.

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Second Public Meeting: Healy Field Renovation

On December 14, representatives from Copley Wolff Design Group and Boston Parks and Recreation met with the community to discuss preliminary design concepts for the upcoming renovation to the playground at Healy Field. Based both on comments from the first meeting and on other practical considerations, the opening slide from Copley Wolff’s presentation listed four tasks for the design proposals to achieve:

  • Increase play opportunities
  • Replace wood chips with resilient surfacing
  • Update aging play equipment
  • Fully take advantage of existing space

While there are many other aspects of the design proposals that are worth discussing – in particular their use of water as a play element and the ways in which the designs add play value for all ages – it was the last of these goals that ended up dominating the evening’s discussion. Continue reading

A Young Resident’s Take on Healy Field

One really enjoyable aspect of the community meetings for the renovations at Fallon Field and Healy Field has been the participation of some local children. They are, after all, the true experts when it comes to what works and what doesn’t in our playgrounds, and what kinds of play features we should be adding. At the first meeting for the Healy Field project, one young neighbor went so far as to bring her own design proposal. Continue reading

What’s New with Roslindale Wants to Play

Yesterday’s neighborhood coffee hour at Fallon Field gave us a great chance to acknowledge the city’s response to our advocacy and to think about what we still have left to do.

Playground Renovations at Fallon and Healy

Progress continues on the playground renovation at Fallon Field, with some possible modifications to the design under consideration. The results of the geological survey have revealed that the elevation change from the top of the embankment to the bottom is larger than expected. To us, this is welcome news, as we had previously suggested that the proposed four foot embankment would limit opportunities for challenging play features. We are expecting a fourth public meeting, likely at the end of June, to discuss modifications to the design made in response to both community feedback and the results of the survey. Continue reading