FY16 Budget Recommendations

Today the Mayor’s office released its FY16 recommended budget. As the first budget primarily developed under Mayor Walsh as well as the first budget since Chris Cook was named Parks Commissioner, this recommendation provides us a unique glimpse into the city’s plans for the future of its park system. Most important to our efforts are the updated capital plan, which covers the five year span from 2016 to 2020, and the Parks Department’s capital budget. Here’s what is planned for Roslindale’s playgrounds, as well as a little bit of insight into how the Parks Department will operate over the next five years. Continue reading

The Need for Playground Updates at Healy Field

In our original report on the state of Roslindale’s playgrounds, we demonstrated the neighborhood’s clear need for more and better playgrounds. Here we describe the importance of improvements to Healy Field specifically. Healy Playground is a woefully substandard playground located in a dense and economically disadvantaged neighborhood.  Although the city is slated to renovate Fallon Field playground within the next few years, there is currently no timetable for playground improvements at Healy Field. While this wait is due to the Parks Department’s normal renovation schedule, we believe that the need for these improvements is just as urgent. Continue reading