Comments on the 2015-2021 Open Space Plan

The Parks Department is accepting feedback on the 2015-2021 Open Space Plan. Below is the full text of the comments that Roslindale Wants to Play sent to the department. Please consider indicating your support for our feedback by mailing a link to this page to Continue reading

Reviewing the 2015-2021 Open Space Plan Draft

Recently, the Parks Department released a draft of its 2015-2021 Open Space Plan, and is accepting feedback on the plan through November 26, at This draft contains significant changes since the 2008-2014 plan. In this blog post we will outline some of those changes and their potential impact on Roslindale playgrounds. We hope that you will use this guide to help form your feedback.


In general, we find the new open space plan to be strong on analysis but weak on actual planning. In short:

  • The state of Roslindale’s play spaces has changed little since the 2008-2014 Open Space Plan was published, despite that plan’s clear demonstration of our neighborhood’s need.
  • The new plan includes a detailed and in many ways improved analysis of the city’s open space needs.
  • Despite the plan’s acknowledgment of Roslindale’s continued shortage of play spaces, it falls short as a plan to resolve that shortage.

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